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I would like to present shortly our company. Fordulat 2000 KKT was established in 1997, than a component shop. I Kosztolányi László and my partner Csamangó László, already from the begin of the nineties years we worked in a FORD network. I may risk that we are the once continuously working special ford component in Csongrád county. We try to use always this experience in the interest of our clients We are not the committed members of one single domestic wholesale network. So, we select our stock carefully, that the price should entail a suitable quality together. The price decides it in our days we keep your attention that what looks cheap now may be later that proves to be rather expensive. We not want to be the cheapest, but we spend attention on a fair quality being received on a favorable price. Since 2006 to Volvo cars we offer components with a short procurement deadline. To the types of Ford / mostly ones before 2000 / we distribute components taken to pieces. We try to solve flexibily the guaranteed complains, we garanteed 1 week for the used component. We offer better price for, originally "motorcarf" filter, lubricants motor and transmission, differential, power steering, antifreeze, break fluid, than the official Ford pricelist. We can offer best price for the following accecories too: compartment trim, mat floor, roof rack, mudflaps, steel wheel, tyre, cover wheel. Our speciality to recruit worn lock. If the house of a lock cylinder was not wounded, we can repair it with the change of the lock membrane. It cost only 3.000 Ft/lock. There is opportunity to the same key the correction of the different lock cylinder. Our shop it mainly retail trade, but we can assure 10 % allowance for reseller and services. In case of an order above 5.000 Ft, we send it by post onto county. More than 45.000,- Ft buying, not EU member can claim again the VAT. Our foreign country clients if they do not speak in Hungarian may send inquiry on the next languages: English, German. Serbian and Romanian. We try to answer every e-mail in time. WE ASK EVERY CLIENT PLEASE SEND THE INQUIRY IN E-MAIL ONLY. We need the chassis number of the car for the correct answer( it is important in case of new types) You can find the special discount under ACTION in our homepage. Thank you for interesting.



Our address:
SZEGED, Dorozsmai út 14. (in front of BAUMAX on the road E5 to Budapest)




Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00 h- 16.00 h
Saturday: 9.00 h- 12 h


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Ford Transit /2000-2006/ RWD Bosch VP44

Ford Transit /2006-2014/ RWD 5

ALKATRÉSZ 28.000ft/garn.
Ford Transit /2000-2006/ 16COL

ALKATRÉSZ 180.000ft/db.
Ford Transit /2000-2006/ 2.4TDDI

ALKATRÉSZ 110.000ft/db.
Ford Transit /2000-2006/ RWD 4.63

ALKATRÉSZ 30.000ft/db.
Ford Focus/Connect MTX75 1.8D Lynx

ALKATRÉSZ 8.000ft/db.
Ford Connect /2002-2013/

ALKATRÉSZ 20.000ft/db.
Ford Fiesta /2002-2008/ 1.4TDCI

ALKATRÉSZ 18.000ft/db.
Ford Connect /2002-2009/

ALKATRÉSZ 15.000ft.
Ford Transit /2000-2006/ 2.0DI

ALKATRÉSZ 35.000ft.
Ford Transit /2006-2014/

Ford Transit 2000-2006 2.4TDI RWD bontás

ALKATRÉSZ 35.000ft.
Ford Transit 1988-2000 2.5D MT75

ALKATRÉSZ 15.000ft.
Ford Transit 00- 2.0/2.4D

ALKATRÉSZ 20.000ft.
Ford Transit /2000-2006/

Ford Transit 2000-